Gareth Pugh For M.A.C Cosmetics

     London-based style subversive Gareth Pugh infuses his shadowy, esoteric vision into an exclusive collection for M•A•C. Shades, accessories and design - as stylistically daring as his reputation!

The Collection:

  Pigments:  Limited edition Pigments exclusively shaded by Gareth Pugh for M•A•C. The square jar and black outer packaging features the collection's marque.

 Guise - Frosty Gray

Deceit - Blacked Plum with pink pearls

   Creamy Shadows: Gareth Pugh's futuristic vision takes on a striking metallic shine. On the skin, this creamy powder formula melts into a vibrant liquid metal finish. The designer's signature style is articulated in the black compact. Limited edition.

 Ardent - Frosty Blackened Burgundy

Obscura - Frosty Gunmetal Gray

False Lashes: A limited-edition lash designed to amplify the geometric intensity of Gareth Pugh for M•A•C. Highly sculptured, this dense, dark, triangle-shaped lash is designed for stylish drama.

Flight Lash

Mascara: Fashionflower girls' confidence stems from petal-light lashes that sprout dramatically with a new Mascara that's intensely carbon. A high-coverage, long-lasting formula matched with a molded brush. Get lashes that are blacker than black!

BoldBlack Lash

Eye Kohl : Gareth Pugh knows the power of bold. Soft enough to smoke the eye, firm enough to define a line, Technakohl Liner is the perfect fit for his vision.


Lip Colors: Limited-edition Lipstick in shades reflecting Pugh's trademark drama. His impeccable high style is evoked by the lipstick's glossy black square casing and signature marque.



Lip Glass: Unconventionally shaded, pearl infused; shades as deliciously cultish and fascinating as any Gareth Pugh design. A square vial with sculpted glossy/matte black cap and the collection's signature detail adds to the impact.



Blush: Keying into the look of Gareth Pugh for M•A•C, this shade of mid-tone nude offers a paler yet profound approach to cheek definition. The defining touch makes this so stylishly Pugh - a dramatically chic square black compact.


Beauty Powder: A shade as soft and enigmatic as its name - Elude. The black compact, a juxtaposition of matte and shine with the collection's signature marque on the lid. On the powder's surface, an intricate mix of patterns. This is form, content & beauty, Pugh-style.


Nails:  This limited-edition Nail Lacquer sums up the entire sub-culture mood of Gareth Pugh for M•A•C. The square glass bottle features the collection's signature marque. Limited edition.

Inert , Ascension , Hyper

Accessories :

A Square Handel powder puff: extra-soft; this ultra-full, dome shaped Powder Brush adds polish to all Powder and Pigment applications. The glossy black short handle with the collection's signature matte marque is distinctly and stylishly Gareth Pugh!

 Makeup Bag: Dramatic, dark, edgy. Everyone will know it's a Gareth Pugh for M•A•C! Organized with loops on the inside. Glossy black with matte on the outside. The key accessory of the collection.

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