The Real Classic Stories Endings!

Kumail+ is one of the blogs I follow. He is so dedicated to his blog with short fun posts, mostly picture posts with fun facts or humer. and when he do post about any random subject, you read it to find it unique and very informative. to check his blog click Here.

One of his Fun informative posts was about ( The real endings of the Very Famous Classic Stories)
Check the 1st  part Here.

I mean.... ambeeeeh ! XD

1- Red Riding Hood... al7eeen 3araft laish sawaw film action o semi ru3b for it !! OMG ... kil hatha 3ashan  ekhaloon e3aylhm yesme3oon el kalam!! o bel tafa9eel el mumila !! XD
ega6e3 el yadda o esaweeha shoorba laa o ekhali laila tet3asha mn el shoorba!! shda3wa shda3wa 3alaihhhh ...

2- Little Mermaid : I know the real story already mn 2 sources ,, ladybird story book. and a movie ele kanaw e7e6oonhm kil 3eed in KTV1 arabic dubbed. Kint waaayid e7ib hal aflam!
so when disney released their own little mermaid. I liked the fact that they changed the ending .. cuz kanat et'azemni o ana 9gheera :P specially when watching the cartoon movie. when she has to kill the prince and wash her feets with his blood to get back her fin and go back to the sea. :/

3- Snow white .... ay shay ay shay ... all versions we saw aren't real !!! la 3ala asaas 7elwa hal snow white e6la3at na7eeesa :P kaaaaak! ya7lailha XD

well.. I'm SO looking forward to part 2 of Kumail's post about this topic. ! 7abait ta3leeqata in between the storyline LOL!

Keep up the good work.
check his post 7adda shadni!

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