Instant face collagen - Pearl cappuccino

Yesterday I had my 1st cup of pearl cappuccino with collagen .. OMG! A bad OMG .. Girls at work commented on me as ( RUBY!! You gained so much weight! Ur face is soo puffed!! 7aram 3alaich! Control controllll)

way ge6eee3a ma yer7imooon ;( .. Bs elmoshkila ini matnana 2 kilos after Ramadan ... Ma akharre3 ya3ni ... ;(

So I thought maybe it's the coffee ... Ba3dain gelt naaah! Mu ma3qoola ....

I just had it now .... Ambeeeeh ! I feel my cheeks stiffed when I smile !! Broo7i khdood mn allah killish mu nag9aaaaa ;(

Mabeeeeehm bage6hm...
Ele tabi khdoood khal etjarrib Hal cappuccino .. :P

It's on the shelf of every Co-Op

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