Afa ya HD .... :(

Since last may or June I suffered from skin infection that was diagnosed as ( acne )!

My twitter friends know about it since I was nagging about it from time to time. Several tweets pointed out using new skin product that may caused this acne .. When it hits me!

I started using this product as my day time foundation, around the same time as the problem started.

This wasn't on my mind .. Never ever suspected it! It's a wonderful foundation!
But I stopped using it for a week now ... And my skin is completely healed ! *magic*

Afaaaaaaa ya HD ;/ why do u hate me ....?

P.S : sorry guys .. This post wasn't about an HD technical device but thanks for dropping by :P.

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RED_SONJA_Q8 said...

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was from thaaaaaaaaaaaaat !!!!!!!!!! mama plz becareful from now on mo ay shay et7e6eena 3ala wayhich ;/

RuBY_GLooM said...

Sonja : sheftay!!! Now chenni chathaba ! Never suspected it wayid banat esta3meloh o mid7ooh ... Thank god I'm outta acne now :D

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