Who is The iPhone Killer?

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Kuwaitiful said...

Cool Nexus S hoodie

RuBY_GLooM said...

Kuwaitiful: Agreee, it's the best dressed smart phone amoung the group :P

Mithos said...

3ajeeeeba :P Bass tara mabee3at Android 6afaw apple already :P

RuBY_GLooM said...

Mithos : 9ij @@ maybe just in the states. cuz hnee kilish masheft hal android.

Mithos said...

Eeeeeeeee HTC Evo by Sprint hatha ele habeen fee Eb qowa EHnee egoloon A7san men el iphone Eb Wayed :P o Ako Now HTC 3D nafs El 3ds


Fa shwaya 6ayreen o el specs wayed aqwa men el iphone

RuBY_GLooM said...

habaina bel HTC gabel la tanzil khidmat el blackberry in kuwait. it was the only smart phone u can see around, ba3dain inteshar el blackberry and iphone.
still I like the iphone, but I don't like how apple is closed to itself when it comes to itunes and connecting ur phone to any different itunes will erase everything,
same old problem with ipods.

Mithos said...

HTC run on Google Android now :P so it is a total new experience Ruby :P

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