Ruby Likes : Dolce Vita and DV by Dolce Vita Shoes.

Summer 2011 is all about sandals and wedge heels. I love them cuz they are comfortable!
back at collage most of my Sandals had wedge heels. until this trend has died.
I gave my shoes away. well kept only a Steave Madden one, which I'll search and take it outta the storage.
The other day I was shopping at the avenues and spotted this brand in SHOE BOX store.
DV for women and DV for Kids,
wayed 3jabni the edgy sandals. Bohemian like styles.
well... ma 7a9alt wala model. kila maqasi out of stock!!! laish !!! ;(
so I googled the brand and naturally found it.
here are some pictures of models that I REALLY LIKED!
if you wanna check the full collection click Here

Loved it but didn't order it, why? .. I want higher heel.

SO ORDERED IT !! black color.

ORDERED!. But Off-white color. they call it ( Bone color)

Love it But didn't order it.
why ?
kafee 2 lets see how they turn to be.

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