Lucky Day! I wanted my Locker to be Lockable.

Tinkerbell in my hands!

At my work, this is my 2nd time moving from cubical to another. Not every time I was able to have a lockable private place to store my private things and keep them save from thieves :P.


My new place has a locker, but the key wasn't found. The previous owner of my place (the girl that kept the place neat and clean, my twitter followers know what I'm talking about). Said that she didn't find the key when she looked for it (because we moved to a previously used building and the keys of the offices and lockers where all over the place).

It was prayer time, and we girls pray in turns in an empty small room, that has an old office and a couple of cabins. After I finished praying I felt like checking out this old office, like "I wonder what's inside the drawers :P ? .. just curious ..

AND I FOUND THE KEYS TO MY LOCKER! .. The former cubical owner was like (What! I spend 3 years here with out the key! And you came and find it in your 2nd week here) it's my 2nd week in my new department and I Feel Lucky ;) I like those days when I feel lucky. 2 other workers got keys now too, because of my curiosity ;P .

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Ra-1 said...

Hehhe :)
btw I got this job recently & I heard rumors that you & I now work at the same place! lol who knows :)

RuBY_GLooM said...

yalah where is ur office khal amurrich ;P

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