A Couple of food experience that Went Bad.

SO, It's July ,, My vacation has already started and I have set some goals for myself to achieve during this vacation. due to a lovely free time and not have to wake up so early in the morning,,, that's the best part of my  vacation, because I Am SO Damn Tired ,, anyway ,, that's not what I wanted to talk about in this post.

Vacation = going out more often .. try out new places out there specially restaurants.
I had 2 bad experiences with not new,, but well known restaurants. I will not mention names. because I donno why I'm in a "BE NICE" mood and "Don't make any trouble" mood... which is usually not me.

Long Story short ... ONE : I found a piece of a frozen vegetable plastic bag in my veggie side dish. I didn't tell my companions about it ,,, I didn't say or do anything, I didn't eat my veggies. and just Continue my day as if nothing has happen ! ,,,,,, WHY RUBY WHY! .... oh yeah "BE NICE" mood.

TWO: another day ,,, another restaurant Lebanese this time,, and  when the waiter was moving things around to make room for the appetizers ... olive oil / vinegar  from the pickles plate spilled inside my Diet Coke glass !! Like EWW GROSS NOOO ... NEVER ! WHY!  was all yelling inside of me ,,, but what I did is ,,,
excuse me ... Can I have another order of diet coke! please.

For God Sake Ruby ,,oh yeah "Don't make any trouble" mood

This time my companion knew the reason for the 2nd order and went like ( common ! dala3 ) what I did is, move the oil / vinegar flavor coke to his side and say ( go ahead, you drink it! bel3afya!) ... ( That's Ruby n_n) ..

I Still have weeks of  off days to enjoy .. and I think I'm going on a Diet ;)

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