Sigma brushes - Love Love Love!

Make up brushes ! A girl can never have enough! But this isn't the case with me. Brushes is the only thing I don't stack up!
To me I buy only what I need to use.

6 months back I throw away all my brushes and bought a whole set of brushes from Sephora! Most of the brushes I have now are dead and need to go to the grave yard ! Sorry Sephora I don't recommend your brushes ( will have a post about my make up grave yard later on!)

I had a list of wanted brushes from MAC . But most of my friends and girl relatives told me that why pay 100+ KD on brushes while there is Sigma!!!

So ... I ordered Sigma essential brushes set .. After gazing at the screen for more than 15 minutes not knowing which color to choose ! LOL

I've decided on make me blush set! Pinky pinkish ! Me like!

The leather hard case is one of the main great reasons for this set .. Keep them save or turn it into 2 brushes holders. And the color ! 💕

The brushes were neatly sealed together in a plastic bag .. While each brush were sealed in a individual plastic bag of itself .. Large brushes had a plastic permanent cover to keep the shape after using and washing.

12 high quality brushes ! Love them!

A guide to what each brush is for .. Those are not rules, of course .. You can use whatever for whatever u wanna create .. Just explore.

I still keep few of my MAC brushes and small sets ( MAC brushes never die !) will post about them later on as well.

I'm about to have a vanity extreme makeover ! So expect a big wave of make up posts. Will have posts about my London trips in between. Whenever I have my pics ready !

Now I have pic from google about the sets colors. ( I know it's not new news .. Just to complete the post XP )

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