Feng Shui your Life! Ruby experiment.

What is Feng Shui ?
receiving positive energy by following certain rules of heaven and earth .. or we can say .. earth main elements and colors. that would make you feel and be better in life. by attracting as much positive energy as you want.
for more info. about the definition click Here

who follow me on instagram, know that in the previous week, I had a small work shop about Feng Shui at work with 5 other girls. (my work friends). one of them ( the one who lead the workshop) was interested about this topic, she read books and attended lectures about it. she actually applied it to her office, home, and basically most of her life aspects. always saying that good stuff keep coming to her and it has nothing to do with the Feng Shui rules. cuz she did not want to be accused of not believing in god.

but we told her we are kinda intrested in doing this at least to work ... why?
we spen a lot of time at work .... 6-8 hours daily ... setting at our cubical s and staring at the PC screen ,, with all the negative energy coming out from it. many papers here and there .. I personally thought i had a tidy cubical ,,, I was SO WRONG .. LOL

anyways ,,, it's a whole world by itself ,, so in this post I'm just gonna mention what do you need to do in order to make a room/house/desk Feng Shui-ed righ.

we simply followed the picture below :

if you are applying the rules to a room .. black square is where ppl 1st enter the room. you should then arrange ur stuff and colors regarding the diagram above,
if its an office/desk.cubical .. red is what (who comes towords ur cubical) see first ,, say if you boss is coming to you,, from where he will come.. ur back? ur face? .. 1st rule is he shoulf face the red square 1st ,, then arrange the rest of squares after setting where the red should be.
easy way is to have this full diagram as a print ,, tilt and rotate to ur rule and then u will know where to put what ...

There is a lot of diagrams out there that can help you Feng Shui ur office ..
I used the one below .. also recommended by my friend.

But, instead of arranging the elements regarding where I set ( as the picture above) I rotate it so the red part is what my boss faces when she comes to me. 

tips about each element :

Career: Black the sign of strength ,, place the most expensive piece in the black corner, and preferably it is black colored too ( PC ) in our case. if your PC is not black.. you can skin in with a black pc/laptop skin.

Helpful people: grey-white-black : the sign of helpful people or travel. either put a white paper of the employees u call often along with their numbers. the paper should be white. or for a travel , place a picture of the country you wish to travel to, if you have a place in ur mind. or as a main rule. have a water element in this section to have a enjoyable trips. (small water fountains for example).

knowledge: any item that is  black - blue - green : the section where all positive energy for self-cultivation is attracted, it gives others an impression of you as a knowledgeable person who is great at work and know a lot.

Children / creativity : white - any item that is white and have a child thing in it .. lets say a picture of a swan, becuase .. swans are white and always known for carrying children , you can also use pictures of pacifiers, baby bibs, or toys. anything that resembles children will do.

Family : green item - any green item .. living plant or green container with perfume ( none flamed ). also a family picture with green frame will do. this attract the positive energy for family 

Health : yellow  - make the place for this colored element empty and wide. place a yellow mat or orange one to attract positive energy for health and well being. use the color intense you prefer to see.

Red: the Fame color .. use RED element in this space ,, use candles ,, very important and let them lite while your are at work working at ur desk. very helpful to use a picture of stairs as an illustration of fame acceding.

Wealth : purple or gold element .. that Looks worthy as swarovski or diamonds decorated container (does not have to be real diamonds) most important that it Looks worthy :)

Marrige : red - pink element also use a candle in this corner .. very important to let it lite while you are seated at ur office.

we enjoyed the workshop very much! and did applied the rules to my cubical ,,
important tips for me was :

get rid of all what you don't use on daily bases and keep them locked in drawers. 
do not use more than one calender ... i had 3 calenders on my desk ... kept one and removed the other 2.
keep the desk and stuff as lean as possible. 

maybe I'll show you how my cubical looks like now ,,, maybe :p

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Happiness said...

Happiness comes to them who opens their door for small treats that life provides to them. So be happy and live longer!

Ken Lauher said...

Thank you for sharing my picture of the ba gua. It would be great to be sourced or linked to my website at www.kenlauher.com.

RuBY_GLooM said...

Toke the pictures from my friend I had no idea they had copy right .. Will add ur address as sourse as soon as possible :) sorry

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