Ruby Likes: Maxim Coffee Sticks.

the most revolutionary way of making coffee, directly from a stick.  The Cappuccino Coffee Stick is a spoon laden with your favorite coffee-fix that dissolves deliciously into a steaming cup of water. Tear away the plastic wrap, dip the instant spoon and a few good swirls later, a piping hot cup of coffee is ready for your consideration

recieved via email.

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Stuck in Lab said...

That is awesome! Where do they sell these? Unless, of course, they're just concepts.

RuBY_GLooM said...

The maxim coffee do exists as a brand, but I couldn't find the coffee sticks for sale anywhere around the net. so my pure guess is that it's still a concept.

Stuck in Lab said...

Oh, well... There was no harm in asking I suppose. Thank you, though!

Bint ilKuwait said...

Ma aeb coffee bes i would love 2 taste it with those sticks:P

Kuwaitiful said...

This is such a revolutionary idea!

i'm checking if it's sold on Amazon, really hoping it's not just a concept.

rati said...

it's the most creative idea.... i want to sell it .... if someone knows where can i buy that cofee please contact me -

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