Loyat Lanvin for H&M, My Point of view.

This has been the trending topic of Kuwait for the whole week.
about me, I really kept an eye on the event and the crowds reaction from behind the screen.

through those guys.

iLSuL6ana :




And Best for last Goes for my twitter sweet friend April_q8 who had her share in this Trending event/topic.


And What I think about the Whole Thing is :

1st Thing that came into my mind. laish el designers sawaw hal shay? .. it's been like Habba in the High streets for top designers to desing a line for a normal "budget friendly" store. why?

I read that it was becuase they loved for all people to have pieces of their work. and not to make some certain low society level people feel different and (feel sad/bad/ left out) or whatever... which is a great reason and a nobel cause for everywhere in the world . but not for kuwait.

That's why .. ana waaaaayed estaghrabt inaa lanvin for H&M Hitted Kuwait!

2nd, elooya ele 9araat 3al ma7al... mn el 9ib7... madree wallah feeh many reasons ,, kl wa7ed yamshe 3ala hawaa... o mazaja. bs 9a3ba taqne3ooni ena it was for this certain dress lazim ashteree !! wela hal shoe 3ajeeeb LAZIM a7a9la... ?? ako mn kil shay shefta ashya' wayed nafs'ha o muqareba laha eb wayd ma7alat. SO....  No! .. it wasn't for the products themselves!

laish ana wayd miqtan3a ebhal shay ... beside enaa in london o dubai 9arat nafs el looya.. o galaw bl posts ,, haa shofaw ! 7atta uhma ! latgooloon e7naa mu shayfeen khair!

  there is no way we can compair ourselves to those who was there in London Line. they Think and live differently. hathool 9ij yemkin wa7da mnhm yekoon 7ilm 7ayat'ha ena ekon 3indaha dress wela shoe done by a designer. o qararat bel nehaya enha etdalli3 nafs'ha 3al aaakher o tan6er 3ind bab H&M for lanvin line. becuase she Can't afford it. even if she has the money. she also has priorities. they don't just go and buy becuase (ebkha6ree!)(refejaatee baraweehm/ba7erhm)(adale3 nafsee)(lazim ma akoon hailegeya o lazim ako eb my closet all desingers ele habeen fehm el nas) 3ashan she wanna fit in!!

ppl barra kuwait are usually practical and wise in spending their money.they only buy what they "need"! o ana atkallam 3an 3ammat el nas. not the celebrities.

bs e7na banat el kuwait celebrities o shayfeeen kil khair o shareeeen el latests lines mn all desigeners, el7imdelah  3aysheeen makleeen mistanseeen naymeeen ebkhair o 3iz ! alf el7imdellah, ezgerteyaat o 7elwaat o kl wa7da tgool el zood 3indy masha' allah. o 3ainaa matrooosa 3al aaakher.
 SO .. we don't need to get into such lines and fight over a dress or shoe ...

I Sure Talked to much! Peach All :*

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Anonymous said...

Dear Friend,

awal shay lazim it3arfen designer may sawoon hal shay 3ashan yo9lon 7ag low budget clients. if you look into finances, as a designer it would be wise to collaberate with high street designer such as H&M, itha sheeftay il turn up of it ull see its huge. with the financial crisi alot of people are thinking where to spend their money and designers have been effectived hugly. so collabetaing with a low high street is a smart move and very PROFITABLE.

as for the clients, tara ily yeshtery mu dayman 3ashan yetshe7aa6 aw 3ashan they try to copy ppl men bara 7atab bel kuwait.. the best stylish women are not the ones that have all designers but the one who is smart to mix these 2 together and pulls it off. ana 3an nefsee re7t oo agolech mat7asaaft.. betgoolen eshda3wa !! ma 3endech salfaa.. its up to u bs ham i don think u should critize people or what they feel like doing and esp. Kuwaity girls or just kuwaitys kil ma bensawee shay gelltaw haba lesh my 7ub bel shay.. lesh mu passion, isn't that the point of fashion anyway.

ma a6awel 3alech.. ur topic is amazing.. love ur blog.. take care


RuBY_GLooM said...

anonymous: Thanks for dropping by sweetie, ana mu thed el shaghla. bs thid el howash wel loya. o weyach eb kil ele gelteeh 100% o I loved the leoperd print heels. bs adree ra7 a7a9il leoperd print heel bedon hwash :P o wyd fedteeni eb ma3lomat el financial crisis point of view. hmmm,, intresting.

New Bride said...

Thanks a lot my dear sweet lovely twitter friend :) I respect your point of view but for me ? Waayed estanst the hall experience , 9ij lo mo sharya el dress tar 3adee a9lan , bas ena my friends ra7w o o meskaw el dress 7gee o shloon tha7knaaa gelt lazm aketha 3ashanhom o shakla eyanin 3alay with a louboutin eyanin , but I am against you in one point enah el designers collaborate with high street stores 3ashan el low class , u can fashionable and stylish without wearing any brand :)

Dear a ham Shay tkonen entay megtan3aa b rayech khala9 Walah malich shghel b a7d :)

Bas Ana wayed estanst :) there kan Shay ydeed a ham Shay skipping work

RuBY_GLooM said...

New bride: 3alaich bel3afya 7abeebti el dress o I'm sure ina el qalib ghalib :), o aham shay ina lanvin experience left a good memory for you :) "friends related". ;) allah la ya7remkm mn ba3ath.

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