I've Been TaGGeD ! By The Sultani Crown.

This is my 1st Time in the World of Tag. or should I say the 1st time to respond to a tag ;)
Anyways, here Are the rules along with my answers.

- Who Tagged you?

I've been tagged By The sweet New Bride.

- Mention 6 secrets about You, that is not discoverable by people when they 1st meet you.

(1) You will never think for 1 second that I could be "mean" by any chance or that I can hurt anyone no matter what he/she did to me. while the truth is when you (hurt) me by word or action, I become destructive :P

(2) It will never cross your mind that I'm a funny person who is actually fun and cute to hang out with, cuz I hardly smile/talk/look to "new ppl" in my life :P

(3) My Favorite music is ( Rock music ). Metallica, Bon Jovi, and nickleback in my veins. ( I'm posting about nickleback later on, btw!)

(4) this is getting hard :P 6 are too much to reveal .

(5) I'd make a great Teacher! cuz I like everything to be Perfect! so my students will be PERFECT MINDED!

(6) I love sports car, I hate salon cars , either sport or 4x4. that's the way I drive.

- Tag 6 Bloggers you know. leave them comments to they know they're tagged.

Well, here is a thing .. yenfa3 yekoon number (7) ... I haven't told my "real life" friends about this blog, and I actually post about this when I opened the blog. So .. If you are reading this post, and you have a blog. YOU ARE TAGGED! Go ahead and do it :) and leave a link as a comment if you wish :)

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B & D said...

i loveeee nickleback...one of my favourites :)
this tagging thing is soo much fun!! coz we get to know a little more about our fellow bloggers!! :)

RuBY_GLooM said...

B & m : yallah do it :) I'll check ur blog

unforgivable sinner said...

cool.. i listen to mostly anything.. if you like rock. then make sure you listen to takida-curly sue.. or RED.. i love their songs (breathe into me) and (let go)..

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