Chain me! .. Chain Me Not !

SILLY WORK! ... I loved my work I never thought I'd ever say such a thing.

Thing is, our agency applied some new rules upon our freedom to use our own personal computers, connected all the agency computers to a domain and gave us all a permissions of use, depends on our job titles, this is normal and all independent agencies do such a thing, in order to prevent internet abuse by some employees.

For the past 9 years, I used to be an admin, on my own personal computer. to down grade me to ( an end user ) really made me feel chained! and felt a bit insulted! like I'm computer freshmen student. I cannot even change my background or re-name my folders! this is TOO MUCH of a security.

well, as they say ,,,( el khair yekhe9 , wel shar ye3im ) .. the bad use of internet and pcs at my work by some careless employees caused the agency to set those tough rules.

Now I felt like I need to bring some of  my kids to work ,, ( ipod nano, ipod shuffle, DSi ) maybe the DSi is too much XP . LOL, I Cannot bare or handle a Free time! nor can work from 8:00 am to 2:15 none-stop! .. so I brought my novel to work. When ever I feel like giving my self a break, I dive into it's pages. and Live into it, I love reading :) it made me break those chains I felt around my hands.

If they gonna block me away from my PC and internet world,I'll find away out. there is million other choices out there to explore, new worlds. new fantasies, to ease up the mind and make the most outta person's free time :) sky is your limits.
 I'm proud I find my way outta those chains. the paths are my novels, the fuel is my love and passion for reading. and I'm there. I reached it.

I'm Free!

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