The unBusiness Part Of My Business trip!

Last week, I went to Oman to participate in eGulf (conference, exhibition, award). which went pretty Great, and I don't wanna talk about it :p for privacy reasons.. BUT ..I'd love to share with ya all .. OMAN, The country that totally kept me speechless to how its high class country, how Muscat is Stunningly pretty, noticeably white hearted people, and simple. this country really proved to me that ( less is more) .. is wayyy tooo moorrreeee.

so ... let's start my simple review :P
P.S : all pics are taken by me via my BlackBerry Curve. (didn't take my camera! darn!)

the mountains ! we thought that when we have a free time ,, we can go see the mountains ! .. thing is ,,, while driving from the airport to the hotel, we saw mountains on our left side, then on our right side, then on both sides !! .. OMG stunning roads between the mountains! all are pretty lighted with green and purple! toke this shot when arrived at the hotel entrance !

this is Qa9r elbustaan hotel and resort! .. huge one, the EGulf events where held here, thats why we made our reservations at it, Blindly .. we knew nothing about it as a hotel, just thought that staying at the same hotel where the event is held will make our life easier! .. and it did!

The lobby, take your time looking up and around! how high class is this !!!
this is what we faced when the elevator opened to the 1st floor, where our rooms are located, also one of the restaurants are located here, also some other stuff i'm not saying what!:p ,,,
I need to clarify that the lobby is located at the 4th floor! rooms are divided to sea view rooms ( ground to 3rd floor), and mountain veiw rooms ( the rest of the floors).

I love such china pieces ! there is a different one between each 2 rooms. at the hallway ofcourse!

My Room! how cosy is this ! there are green rooms and blue rooms, I'm so happy mine is blue! my favorite color <3


The Bathroom ... Classy <3


Ok ... This is my room View! .. HEAVEN SENT! .. I loved the ground floor rooms for this stunning view. It has a balcony for sun bathing, and then a pool. LOVED IT. enjoyed it for a Week. ... I wanna go back! seriously! take me there !

The City, Muscat street lightings are all this Italian, Victorian, fairytale stories style street lights! I fell in love with the city mainly for those lights! .. and the mountains ofcourse. not to mention the people. <3


Muscat people were so kind they toke us in a city tour, which is one thing of many things they had planned for us in a generous hospitable program. this is what they called ( maktab el sultan) no one is allowed in, we're only allowed to shoot pics here! ( sorry for the so not perfect shut!)
This tree was near by maktab el sultan site, what is it ! I have no idea! It's so huge and wonderful looking tree! note the green and the flowers! Muscat is so stunningly pretty city!

after the city tour, they (muscat white hearted wonderful hospitable people) toke us to visit Souq Ma6ra7 ... pretty much like our embarikiya! I bought so many vintage stuff from here! like Indian style shawls, Iranian rug bookmark, mouse pads, bukhoor, 7alwaa and so on! chetheeh fanatik! I likey

In Muscat, there is one modern Mall called CityCenter, I bought a couple of make up pieces from Sephora, and found this nice gift in the bag! .. it's escada cuff. I loved it.

I have so many more things to say about this wonderful trip! I tried to make this post as short as possible, Thanks for baring with me :) and thanks for sharing me my lovely experience ;)
last but not least .....


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New Bride said...

wooow mashalah :) glad u had fun , walah waayed afakir aro7 , o mom wedha tro7 ma3aay cuz she wants to visit her friends there :)

ethaa nweet i will ask u

RuBY_GLooM said...

Sure! it's really worth it! I had a BLAST!

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