Just Be Yourself! ... or NOT!

Midori no hibi (Midori Days!)

well. I need not say this sentence again , But ,, ( I LIKE ANIME !!! ) ...

Would like to talk about this (MIDORI DAYS!) AKA ( My Days with Midori!) .

He : Careless rebellion High school Student . technically lives alone. No friends, desperate for having a girlfriend!

She: Shay girl , mid school student, Loves him soooooo much! never said anything . only watch him from far! .. stands infront of his house to see him get in and leave! .. he never noticed her!

He : wakes up one morning, to find that his right hand is gone! and there is a Girl attached to him, instead of his right hand !!!!! freaked ! annoyed!! ..

She: LOVES THE NEW HER! she is attached to the love of her life!! totally different personality than the old her! ... declaring her love in each and every minute! taking care of him! cooks for him do his homework with him. tidy up his room! rubs his back in the shower :P .. she is Very happy ! Up in the sky happy !!!

He: very annoyed! always yelling her! always complaining from her being his hand! .. thinking that he cannot have a girlfriend with no usual right hand! .. he cannot play sports as he used to.. also he cannot fight everyone as he used to !! somehow he managed the (fight) part later on

She: Her real body is in a Coma. selective coma the dr. said! .... khoosh targee3a :P .. anyways .. finally she realize that , the opposite personality of her! and being with her love 24/7 .. isn't working when it comes to make him fall in love with her!! .. she is just a right hand in his eyes!! .. broken hearted! she decided to ... disappear! .. that is .. waking up from her Coma!

He: wakes up to find that his right hand is normal again !! very happy he jumps all over the house ... to finally feel a pain in his heart ..... he misses her!! ....

She: waking up from her coma. not knowing anything about her days as a right hand! ... decided to speak up her mind and tell her crush that she LOVE HIM!! and been watching him!

He is thinking about her ... standing in her favorite spot in the park ! .. she comes along to be surprised that he is right there !! ... blushing big time!! hardly confess her love to him! ... he accepts her ! and tell her that he was watching her as well!! ... knowing that she doesn't remember her days as his right hands.

bitter sweet ending ! they are a BF and GF so much in love! ... but .. they lost something! they had something special in the state of being attached to each other! . they are happy now! but .... still there is something missing !

13 episodes ... short and sweet! VERY FUNNY! ... khala9ta eb 2 days .. because I'm busy :P wela chan shefta eb 1 day ;/ .....

Hopes some of you see what I see in this story ! and most of you will think ! what is this !! 3adii !! ... I'll let it to your souls to decide !


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Neoark said...

glad u liked it, now i want to watch it again!

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