New Summer Hair Habba - Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun - with a twist, Instead of Securing the bun at the back of the head. secure it on the top of the head, slightly tilt to the back.  layered hair? leave the strands here and there, the messier the sexier :)
there is simple wounder bun gadget that can be found in some accessories shops. from Con Air brand. that claims to help you do a quick and perfect bun.

Personally I have a straightener and a curler from ConAir brand ( got them from Clair's)and I love using them all the time, specially the curler.  the bun maker as I can see it,  have a filler, elastic bands and some hair pins !! those can be found in many places. Nice Habba for our Lahoooob weather :P

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Rainy said...

Looooool ee wala bbye bye extension for this summer

BeRo0Q8 said...

LoooL EEh wallah lahoob :P
7eel ynfa3..
m3ana ma7b arb6 sh3ri bs bhal 7ar i so have too

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